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In just 10 days, the radical left will attempt to overthrow the US Government — Here’s Why They Will Fail

According to multiple sources that have reached out to me — including an individual who has infiltrated left-wing “revolutionary” groups in California — the radical left has convinced itself it has a significant chance of pulling off some variation of an uprising / occupy / revolution / coup operation on Inauguration Day (January 20). It’s Read More…

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Thailand Gets The Libya-Syria Treatment

Just as the Western media attempted to hide the true nature of violence unfolding in Libya and Syria during the opening phases of the so-called “Arab Spring,” it is now attempting to do likewise regarding the Southeast Asian country of Thailand. Between August 11-12 and within a 24-hour period, several bombs detonated in four separate Read More…

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Coup Underway In Turkey – Martial Law, Curfews, And Explosions Throughout The Country

Turkey is now the center of world attention as a military coup has been launched against the Erdogan government. While nothing has been confirmed from media organizations as of yet, some reports coming out of news agencies like CNN are suggesting that the Turkish military has indeed seized control over the government and subsequently imposed Read More…

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Verge of Revolution: The Story You Aren’t Being Told About the Brazilian Uprising

March 31, 2016   |   Clarice Palmer São Paulo, Brazil — As online publications have hailed the major protests overtaking the streets of Brazil at the outset of an apparent political revolution, few discuss the problems that have been brewing for decades in South America’s largest nation. While Brazilians are angry and tired of Read More…