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NGOs Are The Deep State’s Trojan Horses

Troy, 12th century BC. The Greeks’ decade-long siege of Troy is drawing to a close. The cunning Odysseus has hit upon a plan to subvert the Trojans’ defenses. The Greeks build a giant wooden horse and then pretend to sail away, leaving the horse at the gates of Troy as an apparent offering to the Read More…

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How Many Drug Prescriptions Do Doctors Write Per Year?

Medical News Today reports that, in 2011, there was a modest uptick in the number of prescriptions written in the US. The increase brought the total to: 4.02 billion. Yes, in 2011, doctors wrote 4.02 billion prescriptions for drugs in America. That’s an average of roughly 13 prescriptions for each man, woman, and child. That’s Read More…

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Is Google Coming For Your Cryptos?

The big boys, Apple and Google, are now actively developing a payment API for cryptos to use within their browsers. This is a double-edged sword and possibly indicates a shift in tax policy. I don’t trust either Apple or Google at all. The news from Coindesk about Apple and Google developing a payment API on the heels of multiple Read More…