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It’s Official: China Repeals Term Limits, Allowing Xi To Stay In Power Forever

As expected (and predicted, and propagandized), China’s National People’s Congress overwhelmingly passed a constitutional amendment to eliminate presidential term limits, paving the way for President Xi Jinping to stay in power after his second term ends in 2023. The vote was as follows, per the AFP’s Joanna Chiu: 2958 in favor, 2 against, 3 abstentions, 1 invalid vote. Read More…

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Venezuela’s New Cryptocurrency Is A Scam

A perfectly predictable thing happened when the Great Oil Price Plunge of 2014 pulled the rug out from Venezuela’s oilconomy: Foreign creditors stopped lending to Venezuela, the debt-saddled government devalued the currency to cover budget deficits, inflation spiraled out of control (entering a death spiral last November), and, perhaps inevitably, the government defaulted on some of its $US bonds. (And all this amidst devastating Read More…

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New “Distracted Walking” Legislation Will Outlaw Texting, And Even Talking, While Walking

The heinous “crime” of “distracted walking” has become the latest trend that cities in the United States are looking to legislate into nonexistence—relying on tax dollars and the extortion of citizens to solve the problem instead of common sense. Stamford, Connecticut, is the most recent city to join the bandwagon, and its proposal would make Read More…

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Course Correction: A Glimpse of America’s Future

Regardless of one’s political leanings or stance on the current police war, or war on police, which ever one sees as the current reality, none can deny the brazenly marching forces of militarized police that have seemed to rise up without warning or legislation. This nation’s rapidly increasing state of turmoil, always seeming to follow shortly behind the unnecessarily armed Read More…