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Nicotine Shown to Prevent Neuro-Degenerative Disorders

Published in the Journal of Toxicology in September of this year, researchers at Texas A&M University have gathered more material regarding the contradicting benefits that the nicotine of tobacco smoke has for human longevity. This is certainly not a recommendation for anyone to start smoking tobacco, but the reality here is that tobacco was never Read More…

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Why You Should Grow Your Own Organic Tobacco

Let’s make it abundantly clear that this article is not advocating that anyone rush to buy some organic tobacco upon reading, but rather, more aptly, it’s meant to clear the air and settle some of the overzealous anti-tobacco campaigns that say things like “Make Smoking History” by implying that it should be completely eradicated. So Read More…

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China Says E-Cigarette Vapor is 1 Million TImes Worse for You than Hong Kong Smog, Literally

A recent Chinese study, released in conjunction with other related studies, essentially claim that e-cigarettes are worse for a person than natural, non-additive tobacco. The reason the word “claim” is used here, is simply because the actual studies done by Baptist University have not been released yet, and as of now, this stands as a media report Read More…