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5 Mind-Blowing Technologies (That the Government Will Use for Spying)

Scientists and engineers can spend years of their lives in painstaking trial-and-error experimentation to develop a breakthrough new technology…and the military-industrial complex can find a way to militarize it in mere hours. (Assuming that the research wasn’t being funded by the military in the first place, of course.) Sadly the military aren’t the only ones Read More…

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Illinois Governor Signs Bill Requiring Warrant For “Stingray” Surveillance

Illinois has become the latest state to pass legislation designed to limit the use of cell phone surveillance tools by requiring law enforcement to obtain a warrant before using the devices.  On Friday July 22, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed legislation which creates new limits on how law enforcement can use surveillance devices known as Read More…

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Federal Judge Suppresses Evidence Gathered With “Stingray” Surveillance Tool

A federal judge has set a precedent by suppressing evidence obtained without a warrant using a surveillance device sometimes known as a Stingray.  After several years of law enforcement agencies across the United States gathering evidence using  a secret surveillance tool – and doing so without a warrant – a federal judge has struck down Read More…

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Warrantless Stingray Surveillance Deemed Unconstitutional, Proving Cops are Breaking the Law

Thanks to the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, the warrantless use of cell-site simulators, known as Stingrays, is now considered a violation of the Fourth Amendment. “Police should now be on notice,” said staff attorney Nate Wessler of the ACLU’s Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project, as The Intercept reported. “Accurately explain your surveillance activities to a judge and Read More…