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Israeli Lawmaker Walks Out Of Conference After Being Called A ‘Child-Killer’

Israeli delegate walks out of inter-Parliamentary conference after Kuwaiti lawmaker tells him, “You have no shame.” (MEE) — An Israeli lawmaker walked out of an international conference in Russia after his Kuwaiti counterpart called him a “child-killer.” Marzouq al-Ghanim, the speaker of the Kuwaiti National Assembly, called on Nachman Shai, deputy speaker of Israel’s Knesset, to leave the Inter-Parliamentary Read More…

St. Petersburg
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Who Was Behind The St. Petersburg Bombing And What Was The Motive?

It is now days after the attacks in St. Petersburg and the Western world is once again showing their hand as a result of their callous, stern responses. These public responses stand in direct contrast to their grandstanding and expressions of “solidarity” with any Western nation or Israel when a terrorist attack takes place or, Read More…

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Failure of US Solidarity With Russia Over Attack Shows the Real Enemy Is NOT Terror

An alleged terrorist detonated an improvised explosive device on a St. Petersburg subway train Monday, killing eleven people and wounding at least 50 more — after which Russian authorities discovered and defused an additional deadly apparatus at a second metro location, likely preventing further carnage. And while American corporate press published obligatory, cursory rundowns of the incident, Read More…