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IDF Videos Aimed Squarely At Spurring Arab-on-Arab Hate And Sectarianism

GAZA – A new video released by an Israeli Defense Force (IDF) spokesman has unnerved many in the global Muslim community for its use of sectarian rhetoric and slurs targeting Shia Muslims that are often used by leaders of extremist Wahhabi terror groups. The video, released on social media on Thursday and already with more than 20,000 Read More…

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How Imperialism Crushed Syrian Secularism With Sectarianism

Politician Antoun Saadeh was a champion of Syrian secularization, advocating the separation of religion and politics to create greater national unity. But his secular society would be demolished by Western powers that sought to divide and conquer the country. The philosopher and politician Antoun Saadeh was a true visionary.  He died in 1949; but before Read More…

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Pentagon Requests $1.8 Billion Training Program To Combat Sectarianism It Fomented

The CIA has a known history of hiring torture experts to train extremists and paramilitary forces to do its dirty work. Next year, it plans to pay for training for Iraqi security forces who have a similar history of human rights violations, hoping to use these forces to further destabilize Syria. The release of the Read More…