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Search For Missing $21 Trillion Comes Up Empty As Pentagon Fails First Audit In 71-Year History

It’s difficult to tally the cost in civilian lives and mass destruction of an annual budget rapidly approaching the trillion-dollar mark, and that’s something that likely won’t be analyzed in any audit the Pentagon conducts on itself. WASHINGTON — Despite being legally required to conduct audits since the early 90s and holding a staggering  2.2 trillion Read More…

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Trump Says US Military Spending Is ‘Crazy’ High — Then Calls for Billions More

Trump backs away from calling spending levels ‘crazy’ a week ago. On Monday, President Trump seemed to be positioning himself against Pentagon calls for spending increases, saying that the spending levels are already “crazy” and that he didn’t envision the 2020 military budget should exceed $700 billion, despite Pentagon presumptions it would be $733 billion. Having met Read More…

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All Idlib “Rebels” Unite Under al-Qaeda, Trump Backs MBS & KSA Attack Civilians After Declared Truce

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (11/21/18). This is the reality. We get distracted, almost daily, by whatever buzz news that is thrown in faces. One shooting among many of a given day, hyped Read More…

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“Mysterious Helicopters” Continue To Evacuate ISIS Members From Battle Fields Across Middle East

There have been sporadic, but regular reports of “mysterious helicopters” extracting ISIS militants from battlefields in the Middle East. Most recently, on November 13th, Syria’s official news agency SANA cited an anonymous source claiming that US-led military helicopters conducted an operation in the village of al-Suwayda in Hasakah province near the border with Iraq. They Read More…

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US Army’s Iraq War Study Remains Unpublished Years After Completion

It’s been praised by a number of top Army officials privy to it, and many think it’s a vital to make clear the lessons learned in the disastrous occupation of Iraq. But “The United States Army in the Iraq War” study remains unpublished, and may never see the light of day. With officials citing the Read More…