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Pentagon Quietly Admits to Deploying Troops to Yemen, Under Cover of Captain America Film

As Americans swarmed theaters on Friday, setting record-breaking sales to watch Captain America; Civil War, without warning or fanfare — much less, debate — the Pentagon announced ground troops have already been deployed in Yemen, ostensibly to reinforce the ongoing battle against al-Qaeda in the war-ravaged country. In fact, as typical for modern undeclared ‘warfare,’ Pentagon official Read More…

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US Govt Admits CIA-Armed Militias in Syria are at War With Ones Armed By the Pentagon

Recent events have finally exposed the convoluted and failed US strategy being employed in Syria, with the LA Times reporting that separate CIA and Pentagon-backed rebel groups had been fighting one another between the Turkish border and the war-raved city of Aleppo. According to the report in the LA Times: “The fighting has intensified over the Read More…