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MIT/IPCC Scientist Shares The Truth About Global Warming/Climate Change Science

We have reached a dangerous state of scientific tyranny. People are ridiculed and even vilified for questioning the prevailing narratives about the nature of our world, but this counters the true meaning of science. At its core, science is about questioning what we think we know. “A central lesson of science is that to understand Read More…

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The Crisis of Science (is worse than you think)

You may have heard of “the crisis of science” recently. That there is something massively wrong with the way science is being conducted these days is not a fringe anti-science idea anymore. It’s being discussed in lamestream milquetoast publications like The Washington Post, The Economist and The Times Higher Education Supplement, and even mainstream science publications like Scientific American, Nature and So what Read More…

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P-hacking: How “Institutionalized Science” Can Be Fabricated

While The Last American Vagabond is keen on releasing reports done on scientific studies and analyses, it is important to remember that these scientific studies are almost exclusively funded and selected by the elitist corporate funnel-system that has bastardized the most useful forms of modern culture and society.  Science, just like religion, has become a Read More…