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Many Trump Supporters Now Cheering For The Deep State Over WikiLeaks And Iran

I just want to briefly document some of the ways I’m seeing the 2015/2016 anti-establishment sentiment of Trump’s base being hijacked and re-routed into supporting some highly conspicuous pro-establishment interests this year. In 2016 and 2017, much of the anti-establishment sentiment on what passes for America’s political “left” today was co-opted and re-routed into supporting Read More…

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Will Bolton Kill Korea Peace Deal?

President Trump’s National Security Advisor, John Bolton, has long viewed peace and diplomacy as an abhorrent sign of weakness. We know from colleagues in the Bush Administration that he berated and pushed to dismiss any intelligence analyst whose conclusions did not match Bolton’s pre-determined demands. He has a history of working behind the back of Read More…

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Tillerson Unveils ‘New’ US Syria Plan: ‘Assad Must Go!’

Confirming that the US military presence inside Syria had little to do with fighting ISIS, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson unveiled in detail today the real US strategy for Syria: overthrow of the Assad government.  In a speech at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and introduced by President George W. Bush’s Secretary of State Condoleeza Read More…

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“Russia Did It” – The Last Stand Of Neoconservatism

In 1992, at the end of the Cold War, an American political scientist infamously proclaimed “the end of history:” liberal democracy and the capitalist system has won, the rest of the world will eventually embrace western ideas as superior to theirs because only they are able to provide peace and prosperity. This line of reasoning Read More…