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The Collaboration: A Place For Independent Media To Come Together And Challenge Age-old Ideas

Few can honestly say they are satisfied with the current status and direction of the United States. Almost everyone has their opinion as to why that is the case, and those opinions are as crazy and as varied as they are indicative of the problem at hand: a grossly divided American people. Yet, in modern Read More…

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Anthrax And “Russiagate”: Mueller’s Special Counsel Appointment Should Raise Concern

Politicians and mainstream media are praising the appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as head of an investigation into alleged collusion between Russia and President Donald Trump. But Mueller’s poor handling of the 2001 anthrax attacks should give many cause for concern. (MPN) Amidst the overwhelming bipartisan praise given to former FBI Director Robert Mueller for Read More…

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US Media: Simple Tricks To Provide Distorted Picture Of Political Reality

How biased are the US media, really? This is a frequently asked question. The answer is – they are biased very much and they know how to instill the vision of things in a quiet and unobtrusive way. Here is an example to prove the point. “Defense Secretary Mattis Arrives at Only US Base in Read More…

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New Study Suggests that “Detecting Misinformation” can Improve Memory

In conjunction with the recent wave of “Russian hacking” and “fake news epidemic” headlines, the scientific community follows in suit as it usually, in part, tends to do. However, since this is not exactly a politically oriented study, this article will refrain from over-stating these points any further; and of course, it goes without saying Read More…

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Long-Awaited Chilcot Report Shows US And UK Had No Reason To Invade Iraq

In a damning commentary on the rush to invade Iraq, Sir John Chilcot’s inquiry found “diplomatic options had not” at the time “been exhausted. Military action was therefore not a last resort” — as then Prime Minister Tony Blair led the people of the U.K. to believe. While the Chilcot Report proffers scathing insight into the Read More…

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CBS News Caught Blatantly Distorting Cannabis Study, Says Legal Pot Doubles Fatal Car Crashes

In what could only be described as a desperate smear campaign evidencing the last vestiges of propaganda from the failed war on drugs, corporate media warped the findings of a study about cannabis-related car crashes to the point of being unrecognizable. On Tuesday, AAA’s safety foundation released a report concerning cannabis impairment and driving, which Read More…