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Scientists Identify 28,000 Medicinal Plants That Treat Ailments from Cancer to Diabetes

In recent years, the term “plant medicine” has come to be associated with psychedelics like mushrooms and ayahuasca, which are increasingly documented to provide mental and emotional relief to users. But according to a recent analysis from Kew Gardens in the United Kingdom, there are over 28,000 other plants currently being used as medicine throughout Read More…

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10 Monumentally False Claims Made By Conventional Medicine About Health

The grossly deceptive world we live in couldn’t be better exemplified than by conventional medicine. More and more people are expressing their distrust. They see right through conventional medicine’s crooked corporate greed-driven hidden ulterior motives. It starts with a deliberately narrow corporate-sponsored curriculum in medical schools. This essentially mechanistic, pharmaceutical drug-based approach to health takes Read More…

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Obama’s Drug Czar Admits Govt Suppressed Research Showing the Benifits of Cannabis

The Obama Administration’s Drug Czar Michael Botticelli chatted it up on Politico’s Pulse Check podcast recently where he discussed the federal government’s approach to drug addiction and rehabilitation, among other topics. But Botticelli did take a moment to discuss marijuana, and specifically the government’s historical role in making it difficult for researchers to study the therapeutic benefits Read More…

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Natural Childbirth and Alternative Medicine: The Negligence of Mainstream Treatment

Throughout the dystopian onset in which we find ourselves, there is very little that is not to one degree or another being monitored and controlled under the ever watchful eye of big brother. This control completely hinges on our very compliance, yet few have the courage to stand and defy the empire directive. This nation’s Read More…

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Couple Sentenced to Prison for Seeking Natural Remedies for Son’s Illness

Should the parents of a child who sought out a homeopathic treatment instead of traditional medicine for their son’s illness be punished if that treatment fails? An Alberta court says, ‘yes.’ Judge Rodney Jerke sentenced David Stephan to prison this week and his wife Collet Stephan to three months of house arrest. The couple was found ‘guilty’ Read More…

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Rick Simpson Challenges ‘Rockefeller Medicine’ & Big Pharma

“The crisis in today’s health care system is deeply rooted in the interwoven history of modern medicine and corporate capitalism. The major groups and forces that shaped the medical system sowed the seeds of the crisis we now face. The medical profession and other medical interest groups each tried to make medicine serve their own Read More…