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DEA Grants Pharmaceutical Company Monopoly On Medical CBD

News circulated recently that the DEA had rescheduled cannabidiol (CBD), the nonpsychoactive ingredient in cannabis, but the technicalities of the agency’s decision actually show their ruling is highly restrictive. The decision concerned a recently FDA-approved pharmaceutical version of CBD, produced by GW Pharmaceuticals. Due to the federal government’s continued prohibition of cannabis Epidiolex was prohibited from going to market unless the Read More…

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Parents Jailed, 15-Year-Old Kidnapped By Government, For Using Cannabis To Stop His Seizures

“I’m willing to face the jail time or the consequences for it if it will help my son,” said a mother who was arrested for letting her son use cannabis to treat his seizures. Macon, GA – (TFTP) A teenager who suffers from seizures was forcibly separated from his parents and put into state custody, while his parents Read More…

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Hawaii Missile Psyop, US-backed Yemeni Genocide Ignored & Your Continued Loss of Privacy

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to brining you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours. While Trump’s recent comments are still dominating the MSM discussion, to begin today I would like you to consider a question posed in a recent tweet by Lee Read More…

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How A 12-Year-Old Girl Could Cause Cannabis To Be Legalized Nationwide

A twelve-year-old girl with epilepsy is suing Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Department of Justice, and the Drug Enforcement Agency to legalize cannabis across the country. Alexis Bortell developed epilepsy at the age of seven, and FDA-approved medications failed to improve her condition. She suffered from multiple seizures per day, and doctors were considering brain surgery. “Nothing Read More…

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AG Jeff Sessions Suggests Prosecutions For Marijuana Growers, Sellers And Users In Legalized States

Attorney General Jeff Sessions suggested that the Department of Justice may crack down on people who grow and sell marijuana, even in the 29 states that legalized the plant, echoing the drawn-out argument that it is still against federal law. Sessions made the non-surprising comments on conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt’s show after Hewitt asked whether the Department of Read More…

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“Your Vote Doesn’t Matter:” Despite Majority Vote, Florida Lawmakers Ban Dispensaries

The majority of voters in Florida supported legalizing medical marijuana—but now the cities with the most support for the measure are banning dispensaries. (TFTP) When the vast majority of voters in Florida came together in 2016 and voted to legalize medical marijuana, they had no idea that even though the measure passed, lawmakers would begin Read More…