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When Life Gives You Lemons, Get a Permit, an Inspection, Insurance…and Make Lemonade

Little Anabelle Lockwood has the spirit of an entrepreneur. When the 10-year-old Orange County, California resident wanted to make some money, she decided to take an old-fashioned route. She started a lemon-aid stand. And then, as often happens to self-employed people in America, it all went downhill when the government got involved. How it all Read More…

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11-Year Old Entrepreneur Turns Lemonade Stand Into Million Dollar Deal With Whole Foods

With all the negativity circulating in the world today it is important to appreciate the positive whenever possible. This is one such story of a little girl who did not let the perception or age constraints in the world of business slow her down or even hinder her steps from acquiring a million dollar deal with Whole Foods Read More…