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Cannabis Rising: The Business Of Cannabis And Its Exponential Growth

Alcohol was once illegal in the U.S. – that’s almost too hard to comprehend, but it happened less than 100 years ago. Prohibition didn’t stop people from consuming booze, it simply made it harder to get, which attracted the attention of criminal parties and jacked up the price. Remember this valuable lesson: The market will Read More…

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West Virginia House Unanimously Approves Commercial Hemp Farming

Today, the West Virginia House unanimously passed a bill that would significantly expand the state’s hemp licensing program, opening the door for anybody in the state to produce or process industrial hemp for commercial purposes. Final approval would set the foundation to end federal prohibition in practice. Del. Jeff Eldridge (D-Alum Creek) and Del. Jim Butler (R-Henderson) Read More…

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This National Group of Prestigious Doctors is Pushing to Legalize Recreational Cannabis

A new group of over 50 doctors around the United States is calling for the legalization of marijuana, not only for medical use but for recreational purposes. The nonprofit organization, Doctors for Cannabis Regulation (DFCR), is the first national medical organization to advocate total legalization, backing up their goal with sound arguments about the failures of Read More…

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Hawai`i May Become First State in US To Decriminalize All Drugs

Hawai`i — Following Portugal’s model, Hawai`i could become the first state in the U.S. to decriminalize all drugs — including cocaine and even heroin. “[D]espite a longstanding policy that enforces illicit drug prohibition and imposes some of the world’s harshest penalties for drug possession and sales, illicit drug use in the United States has been increasing,” Read More…

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House Bills Could Completely Legalize Marijuana Across the U.S.

Ninety-five years ago, alcohol was deemed such a dangerous substance that it was made illegal in the United States. The prohibition of alcohol lasted thirteen years, and in that time alcohol was more prevalent that ever. It caused otherwise law-abiding citizens to become criminals and associate with crime syndicates that were allowed to flourish within Read More…