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The Real Purpose Behind The Russian/Trump Conspiracy Propaganda

Just after the US presidential election in 2016 I published an article titled ‘Order Out Of Chaos: Defeat Of The Left Comes With A Cost,’ covering a rather difficult subject matter, namely the concept of “4th Generation Warfare” and how it is used by establishment elitists to defeat popular resistance to their agenda of centralization Read More…

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Hodgkinson’s Disease: Politics And Paranoia In The Age Of Trump

Editor’s Note: While it is extremely important to call out any such distraction or diversionary tactic when it becomes apparent, so as to begin waking people up to the agenda, it is even more important not to get pulled into such a tactic. The shooting in Virginia was a clear example of the alarmist mainstream Read More…

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The Return Of Watch-Lists: Left And Right Resort To McCarthy Era Tactics Following US Election

Since the contentious US election, some on both sides of the divide have taken to making “watch-lists” to intimidate or censor their opposition. Though the US election ended weeks ago, liberals and conservatives alike have stooped to new lows in order to intimidate or censor those with view contrary to their own. In a bizarre Read More…