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7 Things To Show That You Are Not Living In The “Land Of The Free”

Alternative media followers know that there are numerous citizens sleeping away with their eyes wide open, falsely believing they’re living in the ‘land of the free.’ They still think that their government ‘cares’ for them…. Taking the case of America as an example, many American citizens have no idea about the nature of their Washington, Read More…

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You’re Likely Committing A Crime Right Now In “The Land Of The Free”

Do you own a dog? You could face six months in federal prison if you walk it on federal lands and your leash is longer than six feet. Do you have a bank account? If you deposit or withdraw more than $10,000 in cash over multiple transactions, you could be imprisoned for up to five Read More…

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Last Month US Cops Killed More Citizens than UK Cops Fired Their Guns This Entire Century

According to the United Kingdom’s statistics on the police use of firearms, English cops discharged their weapons a total of 80 times since the turn of the millennium. In stark contrast to UK cops, however, just last month, American cops sent 100 people to an early grave. If this doesn’t highlight a serious problem with American police, Read More…

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More Americans Killed By Police Since 9/11 Than Soldiers Killed In War

In a Memorial Day speech at Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford praised the 40 million Americans who’ve served in the military since the revolutionary war. He also noted that 5,000 soldiers have been tragically killed in military action beyond US borders since America’s Read More…