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Israel Launches Air Strikes On Gaza After “Barrage Of Mortar Shells” Fired At Israel; Netanyahu Says Retaliation Imminent

With the financial crisis back front and center in Europe, Israel picked a good day to remind markets that geopolitics remains as much of a gaping risk factor as ever, and after Palestinian militants on Tuesday launched what Reuters described as their heaviest mortar bomb barrage against Israel since the 2014 Gaza war, Israeli aircraft Read More…

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Israeli Air Force Strikes Gaza Strip, More Than 20 Missiles Fired

Three days after the biggest military escalation between Israel and Syria in years, in which the IDF launched dozens of air force attack missions on alleged Iranian sites operating out of Syria, on Saturday evening the Israeli military struck Gaza with explosions heard in the Strip’s north. Footage of multiple explosions in the Israeli airstrike in Read More…

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Iran Claims Israel Attack Was A False Flag

In the aftermath of one of the most severe Israeli attacks on Syria “in decades,” Iranian lawmakers said Thursday that Iran had no role in the attack, and that Shia nation doesn’t operate any bases in Syria. Mohammad Javad Jamali Nobandegani, a member of the Iranian Parliament’s national security and foreign policy committee, said Israel’s claim Read More…

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In Major Escalation, Israel Unleashes Airstrikes, Shelling On Syria In Retaliation For Alleged Iran Attack

Summary: The situation is fluid to say the least, but as far as we can tell this is what has happened tonight so far: 1. Sirens go off in Golan Heights 2. Loud explosions heard Then blame-game begins… 3. AP: The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported Wednesday that Israel has attacked targets of the Syrian military on the outskirts of Read More…

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“Massive Explosions” Heard Above Syria Amid Reports Of Fighter Jet Airstrikes; Pentagon Denies

Update: confusion, of course. According to Syria’s TV channels, there has been an “aggression on T4 airfield with several strikes, likely to be by the US”. Meanwhile Pentagon officials deny any  US involvement. SENIOR U.S OFFICIAL SAYS NO TRUTH TO REPORTS OF ANY U.S. STRIKES AGAINST ASSAD BASES IN SYRIA BREAKING: U.S. officials: The United States Read More…

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Israel Offers To Occupy Syrian Town To Protect Local Druze Population

Israel is claiming the need to intervene in the Syrian town of Hader out of concern for and commitment to its Druze population, but Israel’s past support for Syrian rebels groups which have targeted the Druze, suggests that the motivation may lay elsewhere. DAMASCUS, SYRIA — Israel, long a major player in the coalition of foreign Read More…