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Local News Warns Of A Fourth Snowfall And Geoengineering For Houston

The weather is doing some unusual things this year, and there is no consensus on what is bringing about such dramatic changes to our climate. Is it global warming, climate change, ocean warming, or maybe geoengineering? The gulf port city of Houston, TX, the fourth largest city in the United States, has already seen three snowfalls Read More…

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Texas Officials Forcing Hurricane Victims To Pledge Loyalty To Israel To Receive Funding—Seriously

According to official documents, Hurricane Harvey victims reportedly have to agree to not “boycott Israel,” in order to receive aid to rebuild their homes. (TFTP) As the Americans who were affected by Hurricane Harvey attempt to rebuild their homes and replace their belongings, they have the option to request help from the city they live Read More…

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Weather Is Being Engineered In The Gulf – Evidence That Is Hard To Deny

In the past, we have shown you not only that geoengineering is very real, but that it is being used in real world situations on a regular basis, with zero oversight. We have shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that much of the current governmental body in the U.S. has very little concern for Read More…

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Two Florida Nuclear Plants Are In Irma’s Projected Path — And One Is Already Leaking

Two nuclear sites in Florida are in the path of Hurricane Irma. Though the plants’ owners are confident they can withstand the storm and the facilities have withstood previous hurricanes, concerns are being raised about their durability as one of the most powerful storms ever to hit the Atlantic approaches. The two plants in question Read More…

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MSNBC ‘Loses Connection’ Right As Reporter Exposes Oil Industry For Robbing Locals Of Infrastructure Funding

Hurricane Harvey has been making headlines all over due to the scale of destruction it has caused in Texas. While covering Harvey for Al Jazeera, reporter Shihab Rattansi told MSNBC host Ali Velshi last week that fossil fuel companies have been robbing locals in the Texas, Louisiana, and Gulf Coast area of infrastructure funds that Read More…

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Cloud Seeding Was Used Before Hurricane Harvey, Was It Responsible?

Documents leaked to me earlier today seem to suggest that there were cloud seeding operations going on in West Texas on August 24th one day before Hurricane Harvey hit nearly destroying some areas of Texas, flooding whole neighborhoods. Thanks to @cereslight the doc is already public on the internet & can be viewed here: I Read More…