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UN Condemns US-Backed Airstrike Killing 22 Children In Yemen

Just two weeks after a US-Saudi coalition airstrike on a school bus in Yemen killed some 40 children in an event which finally caught international media attention, there’s a new report that coalition jets have struck a camp for internally displaced people in the flashpoint region of Hodeidah. Pro-Houthi rebel outlets were the first to report the massacre, Read More…

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US Coalition Cooperates With Al-Qaeda In Yemen, Associated Press Confirms

Perhaps we could simply shrug our shoulders and say it’s better late than never for the mainstream media.  A new Associated Press report confirms what was long ago detailed by a number of independent investigative journalists, and even in some instances buried deep within sporadic mainstream reports of past years: the US-coalition in Yemen is actually Read More…

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An Iran War Would Destroy The United States

The establishment of a military force to go abroad and overthrow governments does not appear anywhere in the Constitution of the United States, nor does calling for destruction of countries that do not themselves threaten America appear anywhere in Article 2, which describes the responsibilities of the President. Indeed, both Presidents George Washington and John Read More…

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‘Houthis’ Release 200+ Coup Plotters And Issue Anti-Human Trafficking Laws

You wouldn’t know it from reading mainstream media’s take on Yemen, but the Sana’a government has granted amnesty to over 200 coup plotters and initiated anti-human trafficking reforms. Yemeni state news agency Saba reported on Wednesday that the Sana’a government (controlled by the Houthis) had released 209 political prisoners. Ansarullah (aka. the Houthis) arrested these detainees Read More…