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House Leadership Aims To Stop Debate On US Involvement In Yemen War

On Wednesday, a measure is being advanced at the behest of House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) aiming to derail House Continuing Resolution 138, a War Powers Act challenge which would force an end to the US military involvement in the Saudi-led War in Yemen. Under the War Powers Act, any individual lawmaker is intended to Read More…

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After Increasing Nat’l Debt A TRILLION In 6 Months, US Gov’t Just Gave Themselves A Massive Raise

Only hours after receiving a massive 2,200 page, $1.3 trillion dollar spending bill, both the House and the Senate voted to pass it. Why? Because it gives them all raises. Washington, D.C. — (TFTP) This week, the US Congress passed the massive 1.3 trillion-dollar Omnibus spending bill. Then, early Friday morning, the Senate did the same thing. Read More…

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What To Really Expect From The Government Shutdown

It’s deja-vu all over again, as baseball legend Yogi Berra might have said. The politicians and media are telling us the world is coming to an end because a “compromise” could not be made at the 11th hour to keep the Federal government in business. Republicans blame Democrats for the shutdown over their insistence on Read More…

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House Approves More FISA Spying…Can The Senate Stop Them?

Unfortunately the Amash Amendment to the FISA extension bill was defeated today and the extension itself passed with ease. What does it mean? The NSA and various US intelligence agencies can continue to collect your personal communications without a warrant and store them indefinitely. Thus foreign intelligence information is stored to be later used for Read More…

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House Extends Controversial Surveillance Measure For 6 Years Despite Bipartisan Resistance

Representative Justin Amash and a bipartisan coalition of 42 lawmakers failed to block a six-year extension of a controversial spying measure. Washington D.C. – On Thursday the U.S. House of Representatives voted in favor of a six-year extension of section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), a controversial law which allows the federal Read More…

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House Overwhelmingly Approves New Russia Sanctions

In a 419-3 vote, the House of Representatives has approved the Russia sanctions bill, which has also seen sanctions against both Iran and North Korea tacked on in an effort to ensure near unanimity over sanctioning at least somebody among them. The bill’s primary focus is to limit the ability of President Trump to ease sanctions against Read More…