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We Now Have Proof Obamacare Was Designed To Fail… And Here’s Why

The oligarchy runs our society with Problem – Reaction – Solution. If anything, these leaks have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the two-party system is an illusion and the whole construct is one huge pay-for-play corporate sham. Obamacare was always meant to destroy the private health care system and usher in single-payer, Read More…

Clinton Foundation
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Clinton Foundation Hacked Exposing Mega Donor List, Massive “Pay To Play” Scheme

Less than 24 hours after Julian Assange disappointed many with the failure to release a major “October Surprise” leak of documents — widely rumored to be detrimental to Hillary Clinton’s political career — Guccifer 2.0 struck again, releasing an enormous cache of documents putatively obtained during previous access to Clinton Foundation files. Guccifer 2.0 — a Read More…

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Hacked Emails Expose US NATO General Plotting Conflict With Russia

There is no question that the United States has been dangerously rattling the saber in Russia’s direction. From deploying battleships off their coast, to conducting record-breaking war games in the region, there is no doubt — the US is painting Russia as an enemy. Now, however, we have even more glaring proof of the U.S. Read More…