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US Government Spends A Record $433 Billion In One Month As Deficit Explodes

Two days ago we previewed the US budget deficit for the first 11 months of fiscal 2018, which according to CBO data, hit $895 billion, up $222 billion or 39% from the same period last year. Additionally, we noted that according to CBO calculations, the US would hit a $1 trillion deficit in calendar 2019, one year Read More…

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How $21 Trillion In U.S. Tax Money Disappeared. “Full Scope Audit” Of The Pentagon

According to the Department of Defense Inspector General and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, $21 trillion in taxpayer funding is unaccounted for. To help people comprehend the scale of this, $1 Trillion is $1000 Billion. This means that $21,000 Billion in taxpayer money has gone missing. How can this be possible? We outlined the Read More…