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The Hunger Games: How Modern Imperialism Creates Famine Around the World

Countries like Yemen, Chad and South Sudan have been devastated by famine and starvation in recent years, with millions of people suffering despite a global surplus of food. But the problem is not a lack of resources – they are starving due to the effects of unending Western imperialism. “[Famine] seems to be the last, Read More…

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U.S. Destabilizes Venezuela, Syria To Retain Hegemony In Global Oil, Gas Markets

The ongoing crises in Syria and Venezuela have been described by mainstream media as the result of failed leadership. In truth, their troubles are the result of U.S.-led regime change efforts masquerading as humanitarian aid to control both nations’ lucrative oil and gas industries. Separated by thousands of miles and embroiled in ostensibly unique conflicts Read More…

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“Worst-Ever Recorded”Global Ransomware Attacks 74 Nations – Used NSA Hacking Tools “At A Scale Never Seen Before”

“Worst-Ever Recorded” Ransomware Attack Strikes Over 57,000 Users Worldwide The ransomware has been identified as WannaCry * * * Update 4: According to experts tracking and analyzing the worm and its spread, this could be one of the worst-ever recorded attacks of its kind. The security researcher who tweets and blogs as MalwareTech told The Intercept Read More…

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Russian and U.S. Troops Are Now In The Same Syrian City

A regional and international proxy war that began in 2011 could well be on its way to becoming a hot global conflict as Russian and American troops arrive in the same Syrian city. According to the Military Times, the U.S. military has launched a “reassurance and deterrence” mission in the Syrian city of Manbij, which is Read More…

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Beijing Goes Global: China Expands Marine Force 400%; First Overseas Military Base Almost Complete

For most of its recent history, China has largely been a land power with no significant naval capabilities. They haven’t been able to exert much military influence beyond their coastline for hundreds of years. In fact, one of the reasons why Western powers had no trouble bullying China during the 19th and 20th centuries, was Read More…

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Global Arms Sales Paint Chilling Picture of World at War

Global sales of major arms systems have risen over the past five years to the highest volume since the end of the Cold War, according to the Stockholm International Peace Institute’s (SIPRI) annual report on arms sales. SIPRI, an international institute that researches “conflict, armaments, arms control and disarmament,” said on Monday that more weapons were Read More…