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The Inevitability of Economic Collapse

While I haven’t had the privilege of divine revelation, I do try to look at the forces that are in play that have the power to move nations economically. Two dominant countervailing forces right now are those who have George Soros nearly in tears — who make up the anti-global revolution — and then all the globalists like Soros Read More…

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Ron Paul: Economic Collapse Imminent — Trump will Get the Blame Instead of the FED

If former Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) is correct, an Economic Doomsday is here. The second financial bubble is going to soon burst, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. That’s because, as Paul stated, the Federal Reserve has set up the American economy for financial collapse for printing trillions of dollars back in 2008 Read More…

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Italy Proves That Banks Are Not The Risk-Free Fantasy We’re Told To Believe

In the late 1400s, the city-states of Italy were among most dominant powers in the world. Most of the city-states had abandoned the feudal system that persisted across Europe. So Italy was one of the only places on the continent where anyone, including foreigners, could work hard, take risks, and become wealthy. People could start Read More…

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Financial Whistleblower Explains What’s About To Happen To The Economy

How is the government going to get people to pay their taxes if the government is not viewed as legitimate? ~ Catherine Austin Fitts The world economy is designed to fail through the mechanism of a banking system that requires all users of money to pay usury every time a transaction takes place. In this way, the financial Read More…

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Choke Point: How the Government Will Control the Cashless Economy

FROM: New United Nations HQ – Consumer Enforcement Division TO: Winston Smith DATE: 02/17/2025 SUBJECT: Revocation of commercial interaction license Dear Consumer, Our biometric detection division has confirmed that you participated in the protests at last month’s coronation of Hillary Clinton as Supreme Leader of the United States for Life. Your case was reviewed by Read More…