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Haspel Nomination: Torture? Let’s Also Not Forget the CIA’s Core Program Of Assassination

The nomination of CIA operative Gina Haspel to be CIA director has, fortunately, given rise to powerful arguments against the U.S. government’s participation in torture, a practice that is common to tyrannical regimes. The critics of Haspel’s nomination are right: The United States should never be engaged in evil conduct, and the torture of a human being Read More…

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Trump Admin Set To Expand Number Of Civilians Killed By Drone Strikes

The United States drone program by all objective analysis has not been a precision instrument for killing terrorists. Instead, the program has reversed long-standing policies of basic international human rights and rules of war by implementing pre-emptive killing without due process. After years of Obama’s drone strikes that independent watchdog group Airwars estimated to have Read More…