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US Airstrikes Kill 62 People In Coastal Somali Town

Over the weekend, US warplanes carried out at least six airstrikes against the coastal town of Gandarsh, Somalia. US African Command (Africom) says 62 people were killed in the strikes, and all were “terrorists” from al-Shabaab. 34 people were killed on Saturday, and 28 more on Sunday. The identities of the slain are not clear, and Read More…

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President Trump Is On Course To Surpass Even George W. Bush’s Civilian Death Toll

U.S. president Donald Trump ran his presidential campaign on a strict platform of anti-interventionism (with the exception of his campaign pledge to bomb the sh*t out of ISIS’ oil fields). In reality, Trump hasn’t just bombed the sh*t out of ISIS – he has bombed the sh*t out of the entire region, making former President Obama’s warmongering legacy pale Read More…

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10 Trump Administration Atrocities Going Under-Reported Amid Russia Hysteria

The other day I asked my audiences on Facebook and Twitter what they think are some of the most under-reported stories about the awful things the Trump administration has been doing. The Russiagate narrative has sucked so much oxygen out of the room for criticism of the actual, real horrible agendas this president has advanced Read More…

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Caught In The Crossfire: Civilians Are Bearing The Brunt Of Conflict In Afghanistan

Hamid Gul just wanted his family to be safe. The 18-year old shopkeeper lived in Lashkar Gah, the capital of Afghanistan’s much fought over Helmand province. After his father was killed by an improvised explosive device (IED) in 2013, Hamid and his older brother, Mirwais, had to take care of his mother and younger siblings. Read More…

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US Just Admitted “ISIS HQ” They Blew Up Was Actually an Innocent Family’s Home

Five-hundred fifty-eight days after targeting an ostensive headquarters of the Islamic State in Mosul, Iraq, the United States finally admitted to bombing a family home and killing a university professor and three family members, wounding at least two more — even though the coalition suspected mere hours after the attack the ill-begotten mission had snuffed out the lives of Read More…

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U.S. Drone Strikes Have Gone Up 432% Since Trump Took Office

When he was in office, former President Barack Obama earned the ire of anti-war activists for his expansion of Bush’s drone wars. The Nobel Peace Prize-winning head of state ordered ten times more drone strikes than the previous president, and estimates late in Obama’s presidency showed 49 out of 50 victims were civilians. In 2015, Read More…