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Trump Admin Set To Expand Number Of Civilians Killed By Drone Strikes

The United States drone program by all objective analysis has not been a precision instrument for killing terrorists. Instead, the program has reversed long-standing policies of basic international human rights and rules of war by implementing pre-emptive killing without due process. After years of Obama’s drone strikes that independent watchdog group Airwars estimated to have Read More…

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Which Trump Trumps? – TLAV Political Roundtable

Following the official inauguration of President Donald Trump, that which many thought would never come to pass, there has been no shortage of the all too expected violent protests and hyperbolic demands; but we must ask ourselves, at what point do these protests turn into riots? And at what point was a peaceful protest turned into a Read More…

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Documents Reveal UK Involvement in Secret US Drone Campaign ‘Kill List’

‘These documents are the strongest evidence yet that the U.S. may be conducting its illegal, secret drone war from bases on British soil.’ The British military has been involved in selecting the targets of the United States’ secret drone campaign, new documents obtained by the U.K.-based rights group Reprieve revealed Sunday. According to the documents, personnel Read More…

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US To “Compensate” Family Of Italian Drone Victim — Will Non-Western Victims See Same?

The Obama administration is reportedly offering a “condolence payment” of $1.32 million to the family of Giovanni Lo Porto, the Italian aid worker killed in a CIA drone strike in Pakistan last year, renewing questions about the lack of accountability for the U.S. drone program. According to the Guardian on Friday, the $1.32 million “is the first Read More…

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Possible War Crime: Syrian Maternity Hospital Bombed

‘All such attacks must be investigated and those responsible for serious violations of the laws of war must be brought to justice.’ This story may be updated. A maternity hospital in Syria’s northwestern, rebel-held province of Idlib was bombed on Friday, the U.K.-based charity Save the Children said. The number of casualties is unclear at Read More…

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Did Bernie Sanders Just Go Full Establishment?

Comments made by Bernie Sanders this week may just have blindsided and disillusioned swathes of his support base. Some of those with higher expectations of the ‘peacenik’ candidate breathed a collective sigh of disappointment after he endorsed Obama’s extrajudicial drone assassination program. At the same time, the Democratic candidate backed the recent deployment of 250 Read More…