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Critical Mass: On Tuesday, 3 More States Legalized Marijuana For Recreational And Medical Use

Three more states told the federal government they will no longer obey their tyrannical marijuana laws and legalized the plant in some form, bringing the total of legal states to 32. (TFTP) On Tuesday, while most Americans were casting votes for their favorite politicians and more laws, citizens in three states went to the polls Read More…

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Norway’s Parliament Votes To Decriminalize All Drugs

In a bid to assist addicts, rather than lock users in cages, Norway’s parliament voted last week to decriminalize all drugs — citing Portugal and its general success lowering addiction and incarceration rates, getting those who need it into treatment, and drastically reducing crime and other issues related to the illegality of substances for personal use — thus, Read More…

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14-Year Veteran Undercover Cop Exposes Truth About The Drug War: “I Used To Believe I Was Doing Good”

Yet another police officer is speaking out against the drug war, this time in the United Kingdom. Former officer Neil Woods worked as an undercover drug cop for 14 years, infiltrating some of the most violent gangs in Britain only to learn his tactics were worsening the drug epidemic. Now, he advocates ending the drug Read More…

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What’s Really Going On Under The Hood Of The Marijuana Movement: “Big Marijuana,” GMOs and Hemp

By now, most people are at least partially familiar with the Marijuana Movement and how it has grown from something of a taboo and its illegality, to something that is both accepted and becoming legal. Just ten years ago, most people would have thought this was crazy, but now it has become somewhat of the Read More…

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Legalization or Decriminalization?

On September 10, the first United States hearing of reconciliation of state and federal laws on marijuana took place, with little to no reconciliation of laws, or opinions for that matter. The simple fact that this hearing was held at all portrays how much the movement has become a visceral issue to the American people. Read More…