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Why Is The Media Ignoring America’s Drinking Water Crisis?

America has a looming water health crisis and no one seems interested in talking about it. Over the last year many Americans have likely heard of the lead poisoning affecting the drinking water of Flint, Michigan. We have heard the horror stories of children being sickened due to the failure of Flint’s bureaucracies and failing infrastructure. However, Read More…

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75% Of Drinking Water In America Found To Be Contaminated With A Group 1 Heavy Metal Carcinogen

Water is an often overlooked and under appreciated natural resource. We need to consume it to sustain human life, we require it to bathe, we depend on it to grow our food, and so much more. And while water may serve as a luxury for many of our lifestyle needs, when it comes to the basics, Read More…

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Cops Use Faulty Test Kits to Incite Fear about THC in Water Supply–Scientists Say It’s Impossible

On Thursday, the residents of Hugo, population 750, started getting calls from local officials about the drinking water. They were told it was contaminated and to avoid drinking the water or letting their pets drink it, and even to avoid bathing in it. The purported danger came not from lead or arsenic or E. coli or any Read More…

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Food Being Contaminated to Promote Vaccinations?

Many are finding themselves awakening to revelations about this country, and reality as a whole, that can be hard pills to swallow. Now one thing should be constantly stressed for those struggling in this current state of American limbo, and that is to always keep an open mind. (Related Reading: The Fallacy Of Misplaced Concreteness, The Lonely Road Of The Free Read More…