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John Kiriakou: Dangerous Apathy, Torture, And The Perilous State Of Dissent In The US

John Kiriakou never imagined he would become, much less be called, a whistleblower for speaking out publicly against his CIA employer over a shadowy torture program he’s come to believe amounts to the most nefarious of violations of international law, a heinous crime against humanity, and an affront to otherwise-touted American values of freedom and Read More…

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If the Shooting of Dallas Police Surprises You, You Haven’t Been Paying Attention

Five police officers were killed and six were injured in Dallas yesterday when snipers opened fire during a protest of the recent police killings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling. This mass shooting was a despicable act of murder. It was also blowback. “Blowback” is a term generally reserved for foreign policy. It refers to Read More…