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Ron Paul: Here’s 21 Trillion Reasons To Question The Role Of Government In America

The U.S. military budget dwarfs every other country on the planet combined. Do you know how much the Pentagon spent between 1998 and 2015 that is “unaccounted for”? TWENTY-ONE TRILLION DOLLARS $21,000,000,000,000 Where did it go? No one knows…it’s “unaccounted for”. The role of government must SERIOUSLY be reconsidered in America. Without being technically at Read More…

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How $21 Trillion In U.S. Tax Money Disappeared. “Full Scope Audit” Of The Pentagon

According to the Department of Defense Inspector General and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, $21 trillion in taxpayer funding is unaccounted for. To help people comprehend the scale of this, $1 Trillion is $1000 Billion. This means that $21,000 Billion in taxpayer money has gone missing. How can this be possible? We outlined the Read More…

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The Black Budget: This Is What The ‘Secret Government’ Doesn’t Want You To Know

Countless amounts of academics, presidents and other politicians have told humanity that a secret government is really pulling the strings when it comes to who holds the balance of power on our planet. Multiple studies have emerged showing that a very small group of people and the corporations they run basically have control over all Read More…