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“They Won’t Know What Hit Them” Undercover Footage Exposes Antifa’s “Premeditated” Violence

Editor’s Note: It is important to note that this entire topic is largely meant to distract from larger issues, however, this coverage shows how Antifa is given cover by the police and MSM, demonstrating them to be what many call controlled opposition. It is also very important to note that TLAV does not agree with Read More…

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“Dangerously Vague” – New US Law Blurs The Line Between Hate Speech And Hate Crime

Eleven years ago, this essay argued against hate-crime laws. One argument read, “People can eventually be accused of hate crimes when they use hateful speech. Hate crimes laws are a seed that can sprout in new directions.” This has now come to pass, I am sorry to say. This week, the Congress passed S. J. Res. 49, and President Trump Read More…

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United Nations Issues Rare “Early Warning” – Signals Potential Civil Conflict In America

A United Nations Committee tasked with combating racism on a global scale has issued an ultra rare “early warning” for the United States citing “alarming racism” trends. As notes, this rare signal often preludes the potential for civil conflict. In the past 10-years, the early warning has been issued in Burundi, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Kyrgyzstan and Nigeria. The United Read More…