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Project Veritas Exposes Twitter “Shadow Banning,” Blocking Opposing Views

Editor’s Note: It is important to note that we are sharing this story to reveal how Twitter is blatantly censoring ideas it does not agree with, yet that does not mean we necessarily agree with or support the accounts and or sources in this article. The only source of information that you should fully trust Read More…

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Anti-Trump FBI Agent Fired From Mueller Probe Relied On Russian Dossier

A rabidly anti-Trump FBI agent who was fired from Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation relied on claims made in a largely unsubstantiated and highly salacious dossier provided by Washington DC-based opposition research firm, Fusion GPS – which enlisted former MI6 agent Christopher Steele to assemble the 34-page ‘Dirty Dossier’ in mid-2016. Veteran FBI agent Peter Strzok – who headed up the Hillary Clinton email Read More…

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“Leader” Of The Anti-Trump Movement Exposed As Fraud

Anti-Trump Demand Protest “Leader” Dom Tullipso, who apparently pays people to protest, was a guest on January 17th’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, and Carlson didn’t hold back. The interview goes from ridiculous to hilarious. Carlson opens with, “This is a sham, your company isn’t real, your website is fake, the claims you have made are lies, Read More…

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Soros Caught Red-Handed Funding Anti-Trump Protests, Paying Protesters $15/hr

Although the links thus far have, indeed, circumstantially indicated Soros’ involvement, the connections haven’t been entirely clear — until now. While it’s certainly true Soros hasn’t forked over a personal check to any participants in these events — frankly, even suggesting that would be the case ignorantly ignores the larger issues at play — the Read More…

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How Some of the Anti-Trump Protesters Feel About the Rest of America

In case you wondered about the mindset of the people protesting, let me help you out. They are filled with rage and contempt. They aren’t just disappointed in the outcome. The tolerant left outright hates anyone who feels differently about the results of the election. Caveat: Obviously, not every single person who is outraged at Read More…