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In Syria, Media Hypes Enemy Crimes And Ignores Ally’s Atrocities

While the media decries the Syrian government’s alleged actions in Eastern Ghouta, governments and media institutions across the globe continue to turn a blind eye to the mounting evidence that a NATO ally is committing mass murder on a scale equal to that of the Syrian regime – in Syrian territory. Approximately seven weeks ago, Turkey invaded Read More…

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Should Turkey Trust The US?

Last week, the Turkish Armed Forces entered Afrin in Syria’s Aleppo. According to the Syria-based Kurdish Hawar News Agency, Turkey also intends to deploy troops near the Raju area and place its armored vehicles there. Many Syrian experts believe that Ankara cooperates with the U.S.-backed Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki. Earlier, Spokesman of the armed opposition Read More…

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How Western Media Overlook US War Crimes In Raqqa But Decried Syrian Liberation Efforts In Aleppo

The “outcry” surrounding the Syrian government operation to retake Aleppo was created in order to generate the pretext for the military intervention long desired by Western governments, Israel and the Gulf monarchies. Now it’s Raqqa’s turn but, with the U.S. raining death from the sky, the same media shrugs. DAMASCUS, SYRIA – In late 2016, the Read More…

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Syria War Diary: What Life Is Like Under ‘Moderate’ Rebel Rule

Since the liberation of Aleppo, and the restoring of peace to Madaya and al-Waer, most Western media have gone silent on the areas, even though it is now possible to visit all of them and hear from civilians who lived under the rule of ”moderate rebels,” which is exactly what journalist Eva Bartlett did. In Read More…

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More “Fake News” Photos “From Aleppo” Proven False, Poorly Executed Propaganda

The Fake News just keeps on coming as the NATO imperialists realize they are losing control in Syria and their plans to destroy the secular and democratically-elected government of Bashar al-Assad. From “Russia did it!!!” (whatever the “it” might be), to mass civilian suicide in East Aleppo, the mainstream corporate press is deconstructing right in Read More…