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US-backed Airstrikes Kill And Injure Nearly 200 People In Yemen

The US and Saudi war machine rang in the Christmas holiday weekend by massacring hundreds of Yemeni men, women, and children while the world watched in silence. Sana’a 11 people were killed and another four were wounded after four air raids targeted the Egyptian memorial in Yemen’s capital. The victims included a guard and his Read More…

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The Mainstream Media’s Shamefully Hypocritical Coverage of the Syrian War

In October 2016, the Guardian ran an article entitled “Reality Check: are US-led airstrikes on Syrians as bad as Russia’s?” The article was a response to the suggestion of the British Labour party that there was too much focus on Russian atrocities in Syria and that this focus was detracting from other atrocities taking place, particularly Read More…

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US Coalition Jets Strike Assad Convoy In Southern Syria

With most expecting Trump to strike North Korea as part of his next foreign military adventure/distraction from the chaos in D.C., the president once again surprised everyone by pulling a lighting bolt, striking twice in one month in the same place. According to Reuters coalition jets have struck an Assad convoy in Southern Syria; near Read More…