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Opioids And The Narcotic-fueled Genocide Of American Workers

During his recent visit to New Hampshire on 3/20/18, President Trump declared once again that the US is facing a ‘drug epidemic.’ This time he advocated the death penalty for criminal drug dealers as the solution to a national crisis that has killed over 1 million Americans since the 1990’s (when the blockbuster prescription opiate Read More…

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The Next Prescription Drug Epidemic Is Already Here — And Nobody’s Talking About It

For years, the opioid addiction and overdose crisis has been headline news across the United States, and rightly so. In 2012, 241,000 privately insured patients had an “opioid dependency diagnosis.” By 2016, that number had ballooned to 1.4 million, not including individuals on state-sponsored healthcare. Also in 2016, over 14,000 people died as a result of overdosing on Read More…

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The Big Pharma Family That Brought Us The Opioid Crisis

We’re not talking El Chapo or any of his drug-running buddies. We’re talking about the mega-billionaire family behind one of America’s most profitable drug-industry empires, the privately held Purdue Pharma. If the devil wears Prada, what do America’s most destructive drug pushers wear? They wear smiles. The drug pushers we have in mind here have caused Read More…

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Nine Leading Scientists Challenge FDA Commissioner Gottlieb On War On Kratom

Washington, D.C. – Nine leading scientists in substance addiction and safety wrote to White House Opioid Crisis Team Leader Kellyanne Conway and Acting DEA Administrator Robert W. Patterson requesting they disregard the FDA’s latest disinformation campaign against kratom. The scientists warned that “four surveys indicate that kratom is presently serving as a lifeline away from strong, often Read More…

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FDA Just Falsely Declared Kratom To Be An Opioid—Ensuring Big Pharma A Lifetime Of Profit

The FDA is proving its loyalty to big pharma and is putting the final nail in the coffin that is the legal, safe, and natural painkiller, kratom. (TFTP) In one of the most ignorant and corrupt decisions to ever come from the Food and Drug Administration, the government agency has declared the kratom plant to Read More…

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Medical Destruction: It’s Not Just Opioids

Some people are just waking up to medical destruction, by way of news on the opioid epidemic (my article archive on Opioids is here). They’re late to the party, but that’s all right. They can catch up. Here are a few horrific “catch-up” quotes. I’ll discuss the source afterwards: “…appropriately prescribed prescription drugs are the fourth Read More…