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In 2018 The US Gov’t Will Spend Nearly $2 Billion A Day — Solely On WAR

The price tag on the latest National Defense Authorization Act is $700 billion, which will cost American taxpayers nearly $2 billion every day in 2018. (TFTP) While the United States Congress has struggled to pass legislation governing taxes and healthcare, it had no problem uniting on the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act—a bill that will Read More…

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5 Stories You’re Missing While Monster Hurricanes Cause A Media Frenzy

Since the end of August, calamitous hurricanes have dominated the news cycle. From Harvey to Irma to Maria, which grew from a Category 1 to a Category 5 storm in just half a day, many people want to stay informed about the struggle and damage these natural disasters are leaving in their wake. Unsurprisingly, the media’s obsessive Read More…

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House Passes $700 Billion Military Bill Sure to Make ‘War Profiteers Rejoice’

The U.S. House on Friday overwhelmingly approved a $696 billion defense policy bill — the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) — that critics were quick to denounce as yet another vote for “endless wars” and “Pentagon boondoggles.” “Every year, Congress authorizes billions of dollars of Pentagon pork at the expense of other security needs and other taxpayer Read More…