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How Big Oil Conquered the World: New James Corbett Documentary

It’s common sense today that the most vital resource running human society is oil. Oil has utterly transformed the way of life in the world today, essentially taking civilization from an agrarian, decentralized society to that of a centralized technologically industrial society. Unfortunately, most living today haven’t even come to fathom the cataclysmic shift in Read More…

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I Helped Create ISIS: A First Hand Account of the Iraq War

Recently teleSUR released an article with a first hand account of the barbarism that took place during the Iraqi war. Told by Vincent Emanuele, who was stationed in Iraq with the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, 2003-2005, he pulls the veil from the horrors that were allowed to take place following the invasion of Iraq. He goes on to discuss how Read More…

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Joint Chiefs of Staff Official – US Military Gave Intel to Assad, While CIA Funded & Armed ISIS

Washington, DC – The Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) have been indirectly providing intelligence on the Islamic State to the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad, in direct contrast to the Obama administration’s agenda of regime change, in an effort to stop Syria from becoming another failed state from which terrorists can operate. A Read More…

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Hackers Link UK’s DWP to ISIS Twitter Accounts

Hacker Group VandaSec has revealed that the government was involved with the IP addresses used to recruit potential ISIS members. The UK states that their involvement with the users of the addresses was indirect, claiming that, “how their customers use this internet connection is beyond our control” yet this would seem a rather large deflection Read More…

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The TPP: A Trade Deal For The Elite Only

In case anybody has been living under a rock, one the biggest “trade deals” in history is on the verge of being signed into law if the people don’t wake up and take action immediately. The TPP, an international trade deal between 12 Pacific nations including the United States, is nothing more than a massive Read More…

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NSA and CIA Contractor Claims San Bernardino Attacks Carried Out by U.S. Mercenary Group

Recently a former NSA and CIA contractor has come forward in regards to the San Bernardino shootings. His name is Steven D Kelley, and his intention with this interview was to come clean about the events that took place and show that it did not happen the way the media and law enforcement are claiming. According Read More…