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This Pre-Fab Tiny Home Can Travel Anywhere Its Owners Go

This tiny home has been outfitted with off-grid capabilities and can be deconstructed for transport in as little as 4 hours. Tiny homes are all the rage nowadays, but few allow their owners to live a mobile lifestyle like an RV or renovated bus might. To present an alternative solution, Estonian design collective Kodasema created KODA, a tiny Read More…

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School Bus Transformed Into A Home On Wheels By Couple & It’s Amazing, Could You Live Like This?

The tiny house concept continues to amaze and inspire people to think outside the box. The movement encourages people to downsize the space they live in for a more sustainable lifestyle.Selima Taibi, Felix Starck, and their adorable dog, Rudi Starck-Taibi, live in a bus, but not just any kind of bus. Felix, a filmmaker, and his Read More…

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Lockheed Executive Blows Lid Off Of Secret Government Space Travel (Quantum Entanglement)

It’s called quantum entanglement, it’s extremely fascinating and counter to what we believe to be the known scientific laws of the universe, so much so that Einstein himself could not wrap his head around it. It’s called “quantum entanglement,” though Einstein referred to it as “spooky action at a distance.” Recent research has taken quantum entanglement out of Read More…

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DEA Caught Spying On Innocent Travelers To Steal Hundreds Of Millions — And It’s 100% “Legal”

An intensely troubling report proves the DEA pilfers millions in cash from travelers with little, if any, evidence they committed even minor crimes — and virtually never return any of the money, even if charges are never levied. Worse, simply purchasing a one-way ticket — or even flying to California — constitutes sufficient reason for Read More…

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Turning Backs on Despair, Richest Nations Doing Least for World’s Refugees

‘Poorer countries are shouldering the duty of protecting refugees…but many richer countries are doing next to nothing.’ The world’s six wealthiest nations are “turning their backs” on refugees, hosting less than nine percent of those who have fled their homes due to war and violence and leaving poorer countries to shoulder the burden, a damning Read More…

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Scientists Discover That Humans Have A ‘Magnetic 6th Sense’ To Detect Something We Can’t Even See

It’s called magnetoreception, and it refers to the ability to perceive magnetic fields. Several animals use it to find their way over long distances by aligning themselves with the Earth’s magnetic field. Sea turtles. honeybees, spiny lobsters, dolphins, migratory birds, and more all have a magnetic compass which allows them to use the information that’s coded into Read More…