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Top 10 Misunderstood Psychedelic Drugs: Understanding Post-Modern Shamanism

A subject that has received an intense amount of criticism in western culture—and continues to do so—is psychedelic drugs. Despite the fascinating scientific and anthropological results that have come from these substances, there continues to be an enormous lack of funding for scientific research of psychedelics. An onslaught of disinformation regarding these chemicals has hindered their Read More…

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Evolving Darwinism

History: The world was profoundly changed on November 24, 1859 when the legendary Charles Darwin released his most famous work, “On The Origin Of Species;” a theory on natural selection that would make the foundational base of evolutionary biology. Contrary to popular belief, Darwin was not the first thinker to suggest organic transmutational evolution, yet his Read More…

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For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out, and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction. – Cynthia Occelli From the moment of conception, we as human beings begin the lifelong process of cultivating our own unique Read More…

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God’s Will Vs. Luciferianism: Walking The Middle Path

Before we start, it’s extremely important that people tame any preconceived beliefs or surface level emotions that might arise when it comes to the concepts of Luciferianism and what I refer to as God’s will. I understand that these two words are extremely polarizing and often bring with them a whole host of thoughts and Read More…

Black Magick
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Black Magick, Revolution, and Natural Law

Anyone who has opened their mind to the possibilities and likelihoods of esoteric sciences, extra-sensory phenomena, and/or paranormal/spiritual experiences, will surely be familiar with the concept of black magick. To the alternative researcher, black magick has become a way of life—not because the researcher practices it, but because it is slowly seen in far too Read More…

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Psychotherapy as Alchemy

Through the looking-glass, down the rabbit hole—peering into the kaleidoscope. Whether a person is a materialist or a spiritualist, a human being’s birth is the first initiation—and it is an initiation of a certain sequence or order(the individual consciousness of the newborn) into the fractal mathematics of relationship that dictates the material world—the chaos of Read More…