False Flag Operation
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False Flag Operation to WWIII – Syria, Russia & Iran – The New Equation

The ongoing False Flag operation the United States is conducting in the middle east is beginning to trip on its own lies as the American people are becoming increasing aware of their government’s misinformation campaign. While condemning Russia’s airstrikes on civilians and supposed “moderate” terrorists backed by the United States, the U.S. government is attempting Read More…

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The Marijuana Movement

The tide has shifted. The American people are bravely and collectively venturing into uncertain waters. An unprecedented twenty-three states and the District of Columbia have passed laws in direct contradiction with Federal decree in regards to cannabis. This movement is not happening for personal gain or power, but for the good of the people. Americans Read More…

syrian rebels
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Syrian Rebels Backed by U.S. Hand Over Guns to al-Qaeda

The U.S. has been attempting to train supposedly “vetted” Syrian rebels, that are deemed “moderate” enough to back, to combat ISIS. The stark reality is that these rebel groups are without a doubt intermingled with islamic extremists and jihadist groups. Vetted they might be, there is no way to fully support the rebels without inadvertently Read More…

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Young Ahmed Arrested for Science

A 14-year-old freshman from MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas was arrested and led out in handcuffs for reportedly “making a fake bomb.” Ahmed Mohamed had proudly brought a homemade clock, that he constructed for a project, onto school grounds with the intention of showing his engineering teacher. Ahmed, who plans to go to M.I.T. Read More…