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DEA Cop Who Caged People for Drugs, Busted with Massive Amount of Cocaine in DEA Conspiracy

Covington, LA — A massive police and DEA conspiracy is currently being blown open after Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office Deputy Johnny Domingue took a plea deal and is rolling over on his co-conspirators. According to the Advocate, in offering his plea, Domingue admitted his role in a conspiracy to use his position as a Sheriff’s Office narcotics agent Read More…

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Sweden vs. Julian Assange: Former Swedish Intel Agent Turned Top Journalist Linked to Case

With the recent UN panel deeming Julian Assange’s detainment “arbitrary,” Assange has still been unable to find his way to freedom so far, but this doesn’t mean that progress isn’t being made. Now, more than ever, alternative media has made efforts to dive deeper still into the case of Sweden vs. Assange; not surprisingly, the Read More…

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The iPhone Is Just the Beginning: FBI Already Accessing Your DNA

Private genetic databases like 23andMe and are increasingly used by people for genealogy tracing and medical diagnostic tests. With a million customers each, the two companies receive a great deal of attention from privacy advocates, who for years warned the government would eventually seek access to citizens’ DNA in order to assist with law enforcement. They Read More…

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Pentagon Admits to Using Domestic Drones to Spy on Americans

The topic of drone use is a very new subject and it is one surrounded by controversy in this country, and it is not hard to see why. According to reports released by The Intercept, the clandestine strikes being executed by the current administration, at a rate ten times the previous President, have unintended casualties 90% of Read More…

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The US Government Just Used Drones to Killed 150 People In A Country That They Aren’t Even At War With

This week, the US government used drones and airstrikes to fire missiles and drop bombs in a country that they aren’t at war with, killing at least 150 people. This act of aggression took place in Somalia, where the US military regularly stages drone strikes and other attacks, despite the fact that they have not Read More…

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BREAKING: Video from INSIDE Lavoy Finicum’s Truck Clearly Shows What Happened in Oregon

Bend, OR — On Tuesday, a torrent of new information on the Lavoy Finicum shooting, including a photo of where he was shot and video from the inside of his vehicle during the road block, were released to the public. Since the shooting, which was captured on video from the FBI’s birdseye view, there have Read More…