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Media Silent as CIA Quietly Publishes Millions of Damning Govt Docs Online in Searchable Database

Washington DC — (RT) The CIA has published online nearly 13 million pages of declassified records, including papers on the US role in overthrowing foreign governments and the secret ‘Star Gate’ telepathy project. The range of documents, known as the CREST (CIA Records Search Tool) database, covers an array of materials related to the Vietnam War, Korean War and Read More…

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As Americans Freaked Over Russian Fake News, FBI Quietly Released New Clinton Investigation Docs

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has released a new batch of documents cataloging the investigation of Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton. The documents were released Sunday on the bureau’s website, which has a page dedicated to the investigation of Hillary Clinton. WikiLeaks called attention to the release on their Twitter account with a link to a web archive Read More…

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Clinton Foundation CEO Declared ‘Missing’ By the Internet After Going Public Saying ‘Follow the Money’

Twitter users have started the hashtag #WheresEric in reference to Eric Braverman, the former CEO of the Clinton Foundation, because some think he has been a possible missing person since before the November 2016 U.S. election. Braverman’s last public activity, accessible via the internet, was an October 12 retweet. A common understanding of the events surrounding Braverman’s possible disappearance Read More…

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For the First Time in History, British Medical Journal Calls for the Legalization of ALL Drugs

(RT) — Doctors have an “ethical responsibility” to back the legalization of drugs, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has advised for the first time. An editorial in the BMJ, the UK’s most widely-read medical journal, argues that laws against drug use have harmed people across the world, while stressing that drug addiction should be viewed as a Read More…

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Assange: Clinton and ISIS Funded by Same Money, Trump Won’t Be Allowed to Win

(RT) — In the second excerpt from the John Pilger Special, to be exclusively broadcast by RT on Saturday, courtesy of Dartmouth Films, Julian Assange accuses Hillary Clinton of misleading Americans about the true scope of Islamic State’s support from Washington’s Middle East allies. In a 2014 email made public by Assange’s WikiLeaks last month, Hillary Read More…

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US Govt Admits CIA-Armed Militias in Syria are at War With Ones Armed By the Pentagon

Recent events have finally exposed the convoluted and failed US strategy being employed in Syria, with the LA Times reporting that separate CIA and Pentagon-backed rebel groups had been fighting one another between the Turkish border and the war-raved city of Aleppo. According to the report in the LA Times: “The fighting has intensified over the Read More…