A seasoned finance expert with extensive experience in Project Controls and Business Development. Major strengths in End to End Sales Management, Cost Analysis and Reporting, Working with Senior Leaders and Interface Management. Developed many multiyear Business Plans for personal and client businesses. Introduced New Product from concept to store shelf and proven track record of Business Development in a dynamic business environment. To quote Jim Treliving Chairman of Boston Pizza and Dragon on CBC's TV show Dragons Den "Paul is hard working and innovative."
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The Most Important Information in Modern History That Mainstream Media Chooses to Ignore

In a previous article we talked about sweeping things under the table, and I believe the smartest financial reporters have tried to report on this but have been told to ‘let it go.’ As usual, this is about money, so let’s follow that money and discuss why it is the most important thing we can manage in Read More…

Military Industrial Complex
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The Military Industrial Complex: Warmongering to Scare You Into Voting for the Establishment

I know I am an idealist in my hopes that we can make the world better. Most people believe the super rich are too big to take down. That could very well be true, because it’s been that way for hundreds of years, but I am still hopeful that awareness can do … something. The economic Read More…