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Pentagon Demands Less Stringent Standards on PFA Water Contamination Matter

One of the most controversial environmental issues that the Trump administration is facing today is the matter regarding the contamination of drinking water of Americans living near or at military camps. The contamination has been proven to be brought about by the recurrent and persistent use of excessive amounts of firefighting foam during military training Read More…

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The Cost of Streamlining Through Contract Work

By the end of 2019, the US workforce will have 160 million people, according to figures released by online statistics portal Statista, despite the fact that companies are shifting towards automation. Indeed, along with upgrading their current IT and tech infrastructures, businesses are also looking to invest in acquiring the right talent and expertise in Read More…

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Auto Equity Lender Under Investigation For Consumer Protection Violations

A lender in Florida finds himself under the prying eyes of the Attorney General’s office after he was found to have violated several consumer protection laws. The tinder that sparked the investigation came when a Tampa Bay Times story discovered a trend where many consumers complained that they were charged interest rates that far exceeded Read More…