Kate is a political writer from Pennsylvania. She enjoys covering topics related to social justice issues, and in her free time, she likes to read or hike the PA mountains. If you enjoy her work, you can find more of it here or visit her blog, onlyslightlybiased.com
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With Latest AUMF, Democrats And Republicans Unite To Make War Making Easy

The supposed social benefits of war are one of the very few points on which Democrats and Republicans in Congress stand united. “War. What is it good for?” asked Norman Whitfield in 1969. Thousands of cover versions later, we finally have an answer: It’s one of the most heartbreaking things you’ll ever learn about human Read More…

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When Will America Wake Up And Tackle Its Homelessness Problem?

Seattle spends $1.06 billion a year in a feigned effort to help the homeless, yet that money is used on programs that help companies and corporations profit from their destitution — medical visits, insurance, etc. — while it would cost only $192 million to house and care for all the homeless people in King County.  Read More…

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The Terrifying Background On Trump’s New NSA Pick

Sixteen months after taking office, President Donald Trump has put on the most comprehensive show of musical chairs the White House has ever seen. While it’s not unusual for a President to clean house and remove staff appointments from prior administrations, Trump has shown no reserve in firing over half of the people he started Read More…