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Kratom: The Top-Notch Holistic Substance You’ve Likely Never Heard Of

Another ancient holistic remedy has continued to circulate itself through Western underground recreational drug culture, pharmacology, and most importantly, in the realm of holistic medicines, drug rehabilitation and alternative medicines. While the legal status of kratom varies around the world, it is currently considered legal on the majority of the Earth, and is surprisingly still Read More…

Anthony Tyler Article Revival Health Outside the Box Psychonautics Science Top News

Iboga: Kicking Chemical Withdrawals Overnight with an Illegal Entheogen

A scientific study published in 2015 took another pharmacological look at the intensive therapeutic potential of the ancient African plant, iboga, by isolating it to its main hallucinogenic chemical component, noribogaine. Taking a look at the how the administration of noribogaine affected the self-administration that lab rats developed with nicoctine, leading to a clinical physical Read More…