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Ridiculous Guardian Smear Piece Results In Epic Satire

In perhaps one of the most ridiculous propaganda pieces of the year, The Guardian’s Olivia Solon has published an article coming to the aid of the Nusra Front propaganda wing known as the White Helmets and labeling anyone who dare criticize the group as “conspiracy theorists,” “alt right,” or “Russian propagandists.” “The Guardian has uncovered how Read More…

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The Guardian Intentionally Distorts Assange Interview: Original Author Outraged Yet The False Story Continues

Glen Greenwald of The Intercept, has called out his former employer, The Guardian, for intentionally distorting the transcript of an interview with Julian Assange to fit their desired narrative. Such a thing is just about the worst action a journalist can be accused of, short of outright plagiarism, yet is not far off. To take another’s Read More…

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The Mainstream Media Has a Plan to Stop ISIS — but There’s Just One Problem

A recent article from the Guardian by Natalie Nougayrede, former executive editor and managing editor of French newspaper Le Monde, is another blatant attempt by the corporate media to pin all the blame for the Syrian crisis on the Syrian regime, as opposed to other powerful, meddling forces at play in Syria. Nougayrede’s main thesis is that Read More…

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Feds Helped Hide Investigation into Big Bank’s Money Laundering for Drug Cartels

A federal judge ruled last week that the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) will be forced to share a report on its business practices with the public — a decision both the bank and the Department of Justice (DOJ) fought in court to prevent. The report is based on the findings of an Read More…